CBMA Strategy and Core Beliefs

CBMA uses four interconnected strategies to drive targeted results around education, workforce, family, and positive narratives about Black men and boys.

Guiding the Campaign for Black Male Achievement’s mission are three core beliefs.

First, that there are dedicated leaders and organizations across the country successfully changing the life outcomes of Black men and boys but lacking the infrastructure, support, and resources to sustain their work and scale their impact.

Second, that long-term success will require a coordinated movement of leaders and organizations working to advance shared goals.

And third, that Black men and boys have experienced a unique brand of racial discrimination that requires a targeted framing and approach to address. Based on these core beliefs, CBMA will undertake the following interconnected strategies: 

  • Capacity Building
  • Network Building
  • Strategic Communications


In taking this step, CBMA intends to play a role that is currently unfilled in the broader landscape of organizations or actors engaged in seeking to advance the interests of Black men and boys.  In recognition of the strong leadership in the advocacy, policy, program, and philanthropic sectors, CBMA sees its role as advancing their collective efforts by strengthening the actors and broadening the field. While CBMA will provide capacity-building grants to organizations, it will not do general or programmatic grantmaking, nor will it primarily engage in direct policy advocacy. It will complement, but not duplicate, the issue-driven systemic change work of others in areas ranging from school discipline reform to fatherhood initiatives. CBMA will focus on ensuring that there is a strengthened “ground game” of local leaders and organizations devoted to improving the life outcomes of Black men and boys, while working with and supporting the broader “air game” efforts like the My Brother’s Keeper initiative.

CBMA Core Values:

  • Unity: Champion a shared agenda to improve life outcomes, opportunities, equality, and justice for Black males.
  • Inclusion: Advance a shared agenda open to all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious or political beliefs
  • Celebration: Commit to a positive narrative that builds off the assets that exist and celebrates and promotes what’s working.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate across sectors, fields, issue areas, and movements to best support the shared agenda.
  • Reciprocity: Give and receive from the network to ensure collective success.
  • Results: Be willing to be held accountable, to use available evidence of what works, measure performance, learn from the results, and continuously improve.
  • Social Innovation: Innovate, lift up, build upon, and spread what is working.
  • Respect: Respect the work of the past and the confidentiality of, and work of, fellow members.