BMA Dashboard

Welcome to The Black Male Achievement Life Outcomes Dashboard, a central location where you can obtain indicators that track opportunity for Black males in the United States. The Campaign for Black Male Achievement developed the Dashboard to help its members:

  • Assess how Black males are faring nationally and locally;
  • Choose measures that best correspond with their goals; and
  • Adopt promising and proven policies and practices to improve life outcomes for Black men

National Trends

Our nation’s Black men and boys are in peril. Black males both face high rates of poverty and tend to live in high-poverty neighborhoods. Conditions in these communities offer them few opportunities to attend  quality schools-from pre-K to college-and even fewer connections to good jobs that provide living wages, benefits, and opportunities to move up. Instead, these neighborhoods are often places of violence and hopelessness. While rising inequality and stalled mobility affect nearly everyone, Black men shoulder a disproportionate burden from the nation’s inequitable growth. 

By addressing the opportunity gap for Black males, we can help this community, and others who have been left behind and marginalized, realize their talents and potential. And by doing that, we can make real on the promise of a more prosperous America.

Indicators & Regional Data

Dashboard indicators track measures of opportunity for Black men over the course of their lives. Currently, the Dashboard tracks the following 17 indicators. These indicators were obtained from 3 datasets: the American Community Survey, the National Assessment of Educational Progress, and the Centers for Disease Control. 

Through partnerships with stakeholders in the field, 16 cities were initially selected for inclusion into the Dashboard. They include:


*Indicates county (or parish) level data. In these instances, a county may be inclusive of multiple cities, however, the city listed is generally the most populous and the primary point of focus for our analysis.