Strengthen Capacity

The Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA) provides a range of services to help CBMA members strengthen their capacity to sustain their work and improve their performance to improve the life outcomes of Black men and boys.  The CBMA has structured its support around the following capacity areas:

  • Financial Sustainability
  • Strategy
  • Performance Measurement and Impact
  • Leadership, Team and Governance 
  • Best Practices and Models for Direct Service and Advocacy Activities connected to the BMA Life Outcomes Dashboard
  • Black Male Achievement Lens (strengthening a race/gender equity lens, with a focus on Black men and boys)


To help members strengthen these capacity areas, CBMA provides the following services. For more information and to access any of these services, please click on the service links below or email us at

*Organizational and Leadership Capacity AssessmentThe central component of the CBMA’s offerings to help members strengthen their capacity, the online assessment is designed to provide insights into an organization’s strengths and areas to consider for improving performance.  After the assessment is completed, the organization receives a report that includes a capacity-building action plan with recommendations and resources to address the areas identified for improvement.

Skills Based Volunteers: CBMA has formed a partnership with Catchafire, the nation’s largest online skills based volunteer provider. Through Catchafire, organizations can complete capacity building projects at a fraction of the cost by being matched with talented, passionate professionals who donate their expertise in a wide range of areas including fundraising, marketing and communications, technology, and others.

Resource Library: This consists of more than 180 action-oriented resources that members can use to learn and strengthen capacity. Resources include practical and actionable tools, how-to guides, articles, reports, videos, and books.

Webinars: CBMA offers free, online training sessions covering CBMA’s focus capacity areas throughout the year. Webinars provide practical strategies and steps to strengthen one’s work and include opportunities to discuss priority challenges and solutions with peers in the CBMA network across the country. Webinars are provided by both subject matter experts and also CBMA members that bring expertise based on their work. All webinars are recorded and can be accessed here.

Capacity-Building Service Providers : CBMA is building a growing list of service providers that offer a range of services including consulting, coaching, training, and other types of support to help strengthen one or more of the CBMA’s focus capacity areas.

CBMA Member Network: CBMA views its members as a key resource to strengthen the capacity of other members and the Black Male Achievement field as a whole. The CBMA Network Maps illustrate members located across the country and provide a way to identify and contact other members with helpful areas of expertise.

Capacity-Building Service Grants: Awarded through a competitive process, these grants support access to high quality capacity-building services.

City-Based Seminars: 1-2 day seminars that offer interactive, hands-on sessions focused on capacity building for local organizations and their leaders working to improve the life outcomes of Black men and boys.

To access our online community features, such as the discussion forum, and to read more about member benefits, including the Capacity Building grants and the Social Innovation Accelerator, register to become a part of the network or sign in