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“There is no cavalry coming to save the day. We are the agents of the change we want to see. We are the leaders we’ve been waiting for.” Shawn Dove, CEO of CBMA

In 2008, America ushered in a new defining era in how it perceives and invests in Black men and boys. This era saw both the election of our nation’s first Black President and the Campaign for Black Achievement’s launch as part of the Open Society Foundations’ efforts to address the disparate challenges facing Black males in the U.S.

Today it’s clear how the convergence of these two pivotal moments symbolized the duality of promise and peril facing Black men and boys, and how our nation’s future in many ways depends on the ability of Black men, women, boys and girls to succeed, prosper and lead.

Now CBMA stands on the precipice of yet another crucial moment for the country and broader BMA movement. In our second year as an independent organization committed to investing in, supporting and connecting local and national leaders, CBMA has increased our levels of focus, intention and tenacity to build and battle for America’s Black men and boys.

Specifically, CBMA has been engaged in a rigorous process to define a "Bold Goal" for how our work and investments in Black Male Achievement will continue bearing fruit and creating a future where Black males, their families and communities can thrive. This bold goal affirms our vision and mission of building “beloved communities” across the country where we all come together in solidarity and commitment to enabling Black men and boys to achieve their greatest potential.

The introduction of CBMA’s bold goal -- which in this initial “pivot” stage focuses on high school excellence as a key indicator of success for our nation’s Black youth – and the launch of our new and improved website coincide with the urgency of America’s newest defining era, which will present its own challenges and opportunities. In embracing this new reality and direction for our nation, we must dig our heels and hearts even deeper into the work happening in our cities and communities.

There is no cavalry coming to save the day. Now more than ever, we are the iconic leaders we’ve been waiting for and curators of the change we wish to see.

CBMA is excited to have leaders like you with us on this next phase of our journey. Together we will continue building towards better, brighter life outcomes for Black men and boys to fulfill their own promise and potential to love, learn, and lead.


Shawn Dove, CEO
Campaign for Black Male Achievement


Shawn Dove, 

Chief Executive Officer

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